Nelson Construction Services

Nelson Construction Services provides Solar Powered Homes, Solar Energy Buildings, Geothermal Heating & Cooling Systems and implements Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) into all our Green Building Projects. Nelson Construction Services is a member of the Wisconsin Green Building Alliance and has a Green Showroom available for public viewing Monday-Nelson Construction Services is composed of builders and designers incorporating energy efficiency and solar energy features into new home construction.

Geo Thermal Heating & Cooling Systems are a must for customers looking for enviromentally friendly, energy efficient homes. Please read what the Environmental Protection Agency calls "the most energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive of all space conditioning systems". Friday 8-5. Nelson Construction Services is also a home builder and developer that builds ENERGY STAR qualified new homes- ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program helping businesses and individuals protect the environment through superior energy efficiency.

Another way we focus on energy efficient home building is the installation of Insulated Concrete Forms or ICF Walls. Reward ICFs create buildings that are energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, quiet and comfortable. Please view our page with more information on Insulated Concrete Forms manufactured by Reward Wall Systems.